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The end of a marriage or significant relationship follows a similar pattern of grief similar to experiencing a death, with intense feelings of bereavement. The pain is real and unforgiving. I know this because I have been through it. My personal experience with divorce provided me with the insight needed to develop a results-based family mediation service that respects and appreciates the difficulties you face while also providing the tools to help you resolve your disagreements.

You will be impressed with the friendly and attentive service that Adelaide Family Mediation provides. Whether you use family mediation (sometimes referred to as family dispute resolution) to resolve your parenting arrangements and property matters or see it as a step in the process, we are here to support you. 

Please browse our site or call Adelaide Family Mediation today to learn more about family dispute resolution and family mediation. 



While some not for profit organisations will offer means-tested rates, they usually have long waiting lists and allocate a fixed amount of time per client and limited appointment times. Other mediation services will charge a fixed fee per hour but can be very expensive, more than you need or can afford.

Adelaide Family Mediation offers the best of both worlds. We determine session fees according to your household income. We are upfront about our prices and will tell you exactly how much you will need to pay before starting while also offering a personalised service, flexible appointment times and no waitlist. 

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Adelaide Family Mediation will draft your parenting plan and/or property settlement. A documentation fee of $150.00 plus gst per parent is payable for parenting matters, and $200.00 plus gst per person for property settlement. Administrative fees will be charged for amendments made after mediation.

A Section 60I Certificate (where the mediation does not proceed) will cost $65.00 plus gst (charged to the initiating party).​ 


We require payment before your session.  A cancellation fee of 60% will be charged if cancelling within 72 hours of the appointment, or 100% if cancelled on the day.


Adelaide Family Mediation is based in the CBD. We are committed to exceeding your needs and would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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We provide a quick and amicable solution to your family, or financial matters. We will work with you to assess the situation and determine how we can help you. We will listen to you and answer your questions truthfully and professionally in a relaxed setting. We are determined and know that not giving up is vital. We work hard with you in a frank and friendly manner to help peacefully resolve your dispute.


Adelaide Family Mediation also offers virtual mediation. You can settle your matters online without the need for in-person attendance. Meetings are conducted by teleconference or over the phone. 


Work with Adelaide Family Mediation to resolve your differences and find a solution that can benefit all parties with a commitment and persistence from your mediator to help reach an agreement. 


We offer a fast response time and offer evening appointments (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Saturday mornings. Our service is affordable, charging on a sliding scale. We are experienced and can issue Section 60I Certificates if required. 

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Thank you for your professionalism and support with the mediation and parenting plan for myself & my ex.
I very much appreciated your empathy and patience. I would have no trouble recommending your services and will reach out to you if further mediation is needed.


I would recommend Temara’s services confidently to anyone needing assistance with mediation. Thankyou for doing your very best for me Temara. You’re a wealth of knowledge and certainly made my experience as stress free as possible!


Temara was amazing with my mediation. She listened, observed and suggested strategies to help me cope with an already complex and intimidating situation. She has checked in with me since. Highly recommend


I was very nervous, but you put me at ease. While I didn't think we would get there, I am happy with the outcome. I can now move on!


I am currently happy with the parenting agreement. Thank you for your time. It was greatly appreciated. I think my ex feels the same way, so again, thank you.


Our mediation experience with Temara was calm and objective, enabling us to achieve our goal. She provided a very safe and professional service and I am happy to recommend her to others.