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By choosing Adelaide Family Mediation, you are taking control of the decisions you need to make. Nevertheless, mediation with an ex-partner is often painful. As a mediator, it is our job to guide you through the necessary decisions concerning parenting and property while respecting your autonomy to make your own best choices.

We strive along the way to allow you to be heard and understood and listen to and understand the other party. This provides a foundation for compromise and choices that should make sense to both of you as you contemplate your new lives after separation.

For parents, mediation is a chance to design schedules and parenting roles and responsibilities that reflect your unique family. Additionally, as we help you understand this aspect of the negotiations, you may preserve a measure of your relationship or begin a new manner of communication as cooperative parents.


Couples who mediated report an improved ability to parent for their children's benefit, thereby avoiding the all too common dynamic of placing the children in the middle of adult conflict.



A parenting plan puts the best interests of your child first. It provides certainty about their future. The consistency can prevent future conflict between you and your ex-partner. A written parenting plan that you have developed outlines your commitment to provide the best care for your children. To be a parenting plan under the Family Law Act 1975, the plan must be made and signed by both parents.

If your matter does end up in Court for some reason, the Court may consider the terms of the most recent parenting plan when making parenting orders concerning your children if it is in the child's best interests.

The Plan can include things like shared parental responsibility for major long-term decision making, parenting styles, educational needs, emotional wellbeing and the time children spend with each parent. It will help everyone know what is expected of them, and it will be a valuable reference as time passes and circumstances change.

When parents reach agreements, they are more likely to cooperate as their children grow up. Children do best when their parents cooperate. Call Adelaide Family Mediation today to develop an affordable parenting plan that meets your families needs.