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Mediation should unfold at the pace that suits you best. At Adelaide Family Mediation, we are dedicated to ensuring that you can commence the process promptly. Resolving important parenting and property matters is a priority, and we recognise the urgency you may feel.


Our Efficient Mediation Process:


Upon initiating family mediation with us, we take immediate action. Here's an overview of our process:


  1. Appointment Within Seven Days - Within seven days of your initial contact, we will secure an appointment for you. We understand the importance of addressing outstanding parenting and property matters swiftly.

  2. Inviting the Other Party - After you've initiated family mediation, we will reach out to the other party, inviting them to participate in an intake and assessment interview. If the other party fails to respond to our initial communication within fourteen days, we will make another attempt to engage them.

  3. Requesting a Section 60i Certificate - If, after a secondary attempt, there is still no response from the other party, you have the option to request a section 60i certificate from your mediator. This certificate attests that mediation did not occur due to the other party's non-participation or response.

  4. Prompt Response and Scheduling - If the other party responds, we will promptly offer them an appointment with our family mediator within seven days. We strive to minimise delays in the process. However, if either party repeatedly declines available appointment times or cancels appointments without a valid reason, you may request a "did not attend" section 60i certificate for mediation services.

  5. Scheduling Joint Mediation: Assuming both parties are committed to the process, we aim to schedule a joint mediation appointment within the next fourteen days, subject to availability.


Timeline Considerations:


The overall timeline for the mediation process typically spans around a month, contingent upon the parties' level of commitment and cooperation. If there are unreasonable delays in attempting family mediation, and it is deemed appropriate to proceed, Adelaide Family Mediation may issue a section 60i certificate to facilitate the next steps.


Count on Adelaide Family Mediation for efficient, professional, timely mediation services tailored to your needs and preferences.

Section 60I Certificate

It is a requirement under the Family Law Act 1975 that separating couples that want to apply to the Court for a parenting order need first to make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute by family dispute resolution.

To demonstrate that a genuine attempt has been made, parties must obtain a certificate 60I, and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners at Adelaide Family Mediation can issue a Section 60I certificate.


Five types of section 60I certificates can be issued, these are:

  • you did not attend because the other party refused or failed to attend;

  • you did not attend because the practitioner (mediator) considered that your circumstances were not appropriate for Family Dispute Resolution;

  • you did not attend, and the parties did not make a genuine effort to resolve the issues; or

  • you did attend, and the other party (or you) did not make a genuine effort to resolve issues.

  • You and the other party started the mediation process, but the practitioner considered it inappropriate to continue.


A copy of the Section 60I certificate must be filed with your Court Application. Adelaide Family Mediation will discuss this with you before and if issued.

Section 60I
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