Once you have initiated mediation we will attempt to contact your ex-partner inviting them to attend an intake and assessment interview. If you’re ex partner does not responded within 14 days to that letter, email or telephone call another attempt will be made. If there is still no response from them after two weeks from the second contact, you can request a certificate stating that mediation did not occur because you ex partner did not attend/respond. 


If your ex partner does respond we will offer them an appointment within 7 days and. We try to ensure that there is minimal delay to the process so if you or your partner declines available appointments or cancels appointments without a valid reason, you may request a “did not attend” certificate.


If the other party attends an intake and assessment interview and it is considered appropriate to proceed to mediation then we will meet within the next 14 days subject to availability.


The process takes approximately 1 months. If there is an unreasonable delay to attempt mediation and it is considered appropriate to proceed and there are no exceptional circumstances, a certificate will be issued if requested.