Property & Financial Mediation

Adelaide Family Mediation assists you and your ex-partner in making important decisions about your financial future. Mediation can help you resolve any financial issues cost-effectively following the breakdown of your relationship and much more quickly than through Court, which can be financially and emotionally exhausting.

The exchange of financial disclosure takes place at the start of the process, and then we help you work through the options to assist you in reaching a financial settlement. 

Adelaide Family Mediation encourages you to mediate property and financial matters before considering going to Court. You might think that Family Court is your best option; however, you might not get the result you want, it is costly and takes a long time. If you reach an agreement during mediation regarding property and financial matters, Adelaide Family Mediation can prepare a document for you reflecting this. While the agreement is not legally binding, it will help you and your lawyer prepare a Consent Order or a Binding Financial Agreement. For the agreement to be legally binding, we recommend formalising your financial settlement in one of these ways.


If you cannot reach an agreement, at best, you will walk away with a clearer picture of the issues to discuss with your lawyer. To be prepared for property mediation, you will need to make a list of all your assets and liabilities. It doesn't matter who's name is on the debt, property, who purchased it, or who incurred the debt. Adelaide Family Mediation encourages parties to seek legal advice before engaging in the process and between mediation appointments.

The goal of property and financial mediation is to reach an agreement on how to divide your assets and property or debt based on your needs so you can both move forward.