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Property and Financial Mediation, offered by Adelaide Family Mediation, aims to facilitate a mutually agreed-upon division of assets, property, finances or liabilities tailored to your unique needs, enabling you to move forward.


How Adelaide Family Mediation Supports You in Property and Financial Mediation:

Adelaide Family Mediation provides a structured and comprehensive process to assist you in making critical decisions about your financial future. We address both immediate financial concerns, such as urgent expenses, and long-term considerations, including any property and division of superannuation.

The fairness of the property settlement is influenced by various factors, including your respective contributions, both financial and non-financial, as well as your future requirements. Our goal is to help you work towards a just and equitable settlement that satisfies all parties involved.

The Property and Financial Mediation Process:

Within this process, both parties are required to fully disclose all relevant financial information or documents related to the issues under discussion. This financial disclosure exchange occurs at the outset or can be discussed as part of the mediation process.

Why Choose Mediation Over Court Proceedings:

Adelaide Family Mediation strongly advocates for mediation as a preferred alternative to immediate Court action. Family Court proceedings may not always yield the desired outcomes, are often financially burdensome, and can be time-consuming.

If an agreement is reached during mediation, Adelaide Family Mediation prepares a Heads of Agreement, documenting the understanding between the parties. While not legally binding on its own, this document serves as a foundation for you and your legal counsel to draft either a Consent Order or a Binding Financial Agreement. To ensure the legally binding nature of your agreement, we recommend formalising your financial settlement through one of these means.

Preparing for Financial and Property Mediation:

In preparation for financial and property mediation, compiling a comprehensive list of all your assets and liabilities is essential. Ownership details, purchase history, and debt information are all relevant, regardless of whose name appears on the asset or debt. Adelaide Family Mediation provides a template to assist you in organising this critical information.

Seeking Legal Advice:

We strongly encourage all parties involved to seek legal advice both before entering the mediation process and after the mediation sessions. Even if an agreement is not reached, mediation ensures that you gain a clearer understanding of the issues to be discussed with your lawyer, allowing you to navigate the situation more effectively.

Count on Adelaide Family Mediation for professional guidance through property and financial mediation, always prioritising the best interests of all parties involved.

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