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Family mediation, a process facilitated by accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, typically involves you and your ex-partner. However, you may require additional support from a friend, family member, or legal counsel in certain situations. When both parties mediate with their respective lawyers, it is referred to as Legally

Assisted Family Dispute Resolution or Legally Assisted Mediation.


When Is Legally Assisted FDR Recommended?


Adelaide Family Mediation recommends involving your lawyer in mediation when your case exhibits significant complexity, concerns of family violence, or when traditional mediation services may prove insufficient. If you find the need for legal advice and support during mediation, having your lawyer present is the prudent choice.


Collaboration with Established Legal Services


Adelaide Family Mediation collaborates closely with several reputable Legal Services to provide Legally Assisted FDR. In certain instances, we can assist you in locating suitable legal representation, or if you already have a lawyer, they can participate.


Advantages of Legally Assisted Mediation


Engaging in mediation with your lawyer provides you with immediate access to legal advice and the opportunity to discuss matters with your legal counsel during the session. Mediators are unable to offer legal advice, making this a significant advantage.


Having legal advice readily available facilitates informed decision-making without the need for subsequent consultations. If you intend to formalise your agreement through a consent order, your lawyer can oversee this process once an agreement is reached during mediation, ensuring the agreement's legal enforceability.


Cost Considerations


It's essential to be aware that Legally Assisted mediation typically incurs higher costs compared to standard family mediation. This is due to the additional expenses associated with your lawyer's participation and the administrative and coordination aspects involved in accommodating multiple parties in the process. Each party involved in mediation is responsible for their respective service fees unless a mutual agreement is reached.


For detailed fee information and further assistance tailored to your specific situation, please feel free to contact our team of experienced family mediators. You can reach us at 0410 928 191 or email us at

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