Legally Assisted Mediation

What is Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Mediation, is usually held with just you and your ex-partner in attendance, supported by a Family Mediator that is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. However, at times, you might feel that you require additional support. The support could be in the form of a friend, family member or sometimes your lawyer. If you are attending mediation with your lawyer and your ex-partner’s lawyer also attends mediation, this is referred to as Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution.

Adelaide Family Mediation would only recommend having your lawyer present if your case is particularly complicated or when there are family violence issues, and you can't use traditional mediation. Due to this complexity, you think you need someone there to provide legal advice and support during the mediation session.   

Adelaide Family Mediation collaborates with several established Legal Services to provide Legally Assisted FDR. In some cases, we can assist you in finding legal representation, or you can bring your existing lawyer. Both parties require a lawyer to be present for this process to occur.

Benefits of Legally Assisted Mediation

Attending mediation with your lawyer means you will get advice and the opportunity to discuss matters with your lawyer on the spot. Mediators can not provide legal advice. 

Legal advice on the spot will assist you in deciding without referring back to them later. If you plan to turn your agreement into a consent order, your lawyer will be able to manage this next stage for you when an agreement has been made in mediation, making the agreement legally enforceable.

How much does it cost?

Legally Assisted mediation cost more than family mediation would generally cost as you have the additional expenses of paying for your lawyer. 

Adelaide Family Mediation fees are charged on a sliding scale. Each party participating in mediation is responsible for their service fees unless mutually agreed, depending on their gross household yearly income.

Our staff or family mediators can advise you of the fee when you make contact. For more information, you can call us on 0410 928 191 or email to discuss your situation in more detail.