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Adelaide Family Mediation is proud to offer specialised Parenting Coordination services, distinct from traditional family mediation. Parenting Coordination is a child-centric process that we provide to assist separated parents who continue to face conflicts, typically arising after family mediation. This service is invaluable for helping you organise, manage, and comply with parenting arrangements, consent orders, or court orders that are already in place.

Our dedicated team at Adelaide Family Mediation comprises experienced Parenting Coordinators who offer comprehensive support to both parents. Our approach includes case management, education, mediation, and conflict coaching to ensure the best possible outcomes for your children.

Advantages of Adelaide Family Mediation's Parenting Coordination:

Children exposed to conflict during or after separation often encounter ongoing challenges that impact their education, social life, mental well-being, and future relationships. Parenting Coordination from Adelaide Family Mediation assists you in transitioning from a state of conflict or parallel parenting to becoming effective co-parents, with a renewed focus on your children rather than your conflicts.

Our Parenting Coordinators adeptly manage your parenting disputes and work collaboratively with both parents to make child-focused decisions, effectively reducing the daily conflicts that can arise over routine decision-making. By assisting parents in resolving these issues, our Parenting Coordinators can significantly decrease the need for legal intervention resulting from ongoing parental conflict, saving you both time and money.

Common issues addressed include signing travel or school-related documents, adjustments to drop-off and pick-up locations, participation in extracurricular activities, scheduling changes, and more.

Our ultimate goal is to foster improved communication between both parents, resolve isolated issues, and ensure that agreements or court orders are adhered to without the necessity of returning to lawyers, mediation, or the Family Court.

A Parenting Coordinator can be appointed through a court order or by mutual agreement. If you wish to incorporate Parenting Coordination into your consent order, please use the attached template.

Cost of Parenting Coordination:


Parenting Coordination sessions are conducted monthly, typically two hours, and can extend to 12 months, depending on your unique circumstances. Parenting Coordination sessions at Adelaide Family Mediation cost $250 plus GST per parent per session.


Count on Adelaide Family Mediation to provide professional, child-focused Parenting Coordination services that contribute to a harmonious co-parenting environment and prioritise your children's well-being.

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