Parenting Coordination

What is Parenting Coordination?

Parenting Coordination is a child-centred process for separated parents experiencing ongoing conflict. It is a family dispute resolution process that provides continued support to parents post-separation. It helps you organise and manage parenting arrangements after separation or the development of a parenting agreement, content order, or court order. 


A Parenting Coordinator will be assigned to your case. They will support both parties with case management, education, mediation, and conflict coaching with the parents to ensure they achieve the best outcomes for their children. 


The benefits of Parenting Coordination


Children exposed to conflict during or after separation can have ongoing challenges impacting their education, social life, mental well-being, and future relationships.


Parenting Coordination assists you with the transition from being in conflict or parallel parenting to becoming effective co-parents, focusing on your children rather than your conflict towards the other.


Parenting coordination manages your parenting disputes, saving you time and money. We helo you resolve the issues meaning that you don't return to Court if there are breaches of orders. Common issues that are worked through are the signing of documentation relating to travel or school, drop off and pick up location changes, attendance at extracurricular activities, time swap etc. 


The objective is to assist both parents in communicating better, resolve one-off issues, and ensure the agreement or orders are being adhered to without the need to return to lawyers, mediation or the Family Court.


A Parenting Coordinator can be appointed by court order or by mutual agreement. If you want Parenting Coordination in your consent order please use the attached template.


How much does Parenting Coordination cost?


Parenting coordination is conducted monthly as a two-hour meeting for up to 12 months; however, this is dependent on your circumstances. 


Parenting Coordination sessions are $250 plus GST per parent per session.