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Following a relationship breakdown, emotions often run high, leaving you feeling vulnerable, angry, or overwhelmed. Despite the challenges posed by these intense feelings, discussions about childcare, property, and financial matters are necessary. This is where our family mediator steps in to provide the guidance and support you need to navigate this challenging process.


Family Mediation: Your Path to Resolution


Family mediation, also known as family dispute resolution, is a voluntary process in which a professionally trained practitioner collaborates with you and your former partner to reach a mutual agreement regarding the next steps after separation. The primary objective is to establish the best arrangements for your children, property, and finances while ensuring you retain control over these critical decisions.


How the Process Works:

  1. One-on-One Session: You'll begin with a one-on-one meeting with a mediator. This allows you to express your perspective on the conflict. The mediator listens attentively and explores your concerns and underlying needs. If mediation is deemed appropriate, we'll reach out to your ex-partner and request their participation in a similar session.

  2. Joint Mediation Session: Following the individual sessions, Adelaide Family Mediation will invite both you and your ex-partner to a joint mediation session. This can occur face-to-face, via Zoom, or through shuttled mediation (where you and your ex-partner are in separate rooms). In this confidential setting, the mediator assists each party in identifying, exploring, and discussing the issues that require resolution. The ultimate goal is to reach an agreement on parenting arrangements or financial and property matters.

  3. Agreement Finalisation: Once an agreement is reached, Adelaide Family Mediation will prepare a draft agreement. We will then review, revise, and present the finalised agreement for your signature.


Count on Adelaide Family Mediation to provide the professional support and structure you need to navigate separation with clarity and confidence. Our goal is to help you reach mutually agreeable solutions while ensuring a comfortable and confidential process throughout.

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