Family Dispute Resolution

What is family dispute resolution?

After a relationship breakdown, discussions about the care for your children, property and financial matters can be highly challenging. Emotions are running high, and the proceedings are complex and raw. You are particularly vulnerable during this. A family mediator can provide support and guidance to make this process easier. 

Family dispute resolution is commonly referred to as family mediation. It is a voluntary process where an unbiased and professionally trained family dispute resolution practitioner works with you and your ex-partner to reach a mutual agreement. The goal is to sort out the best arrangements for your children, property and finances while ensuring that you remain in control of these decisions.

When there are matters that can’t be resolved by mediation, the issue may need to go to court, where a judge makes the decisions. However, going to court is timely, stressful and expensive. The aim of mediation is to avoid getting to that point.

To start the process, you will attend a one-on-one session with a mediator (sometimes referred to as an Intake and Assessment session). Having a one-on-one meeting with the mediator provides you with the opportunity to talk about the conflict from your perspective. The mediator listens and explores any concerns and underlying needs. If it is decided that mediation is appropriate, we will contact your ex-partner and request that they attend a one-on-one meeting.

Adelaide Family Mediation will then invite you and your ex-partner to attend a joint mediation session. Mediation can be face-to-face, via zoom or through shuttled mediation (where you and your ex-partner are in separate rooms). In a confidential setting, the mediator helps each party identify the issues that need resolving, discuss possible solutions, and reach an agreement about parenting arrangements or financial & property matters.

Once an agreement is reached, Adelaide Family Mediation will prepare a draft agreement, review, revise, and prepare the finalised agreement for signing.