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The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is truly special, and it can be heart-wrenching when separation or estrangement occurs. Unfortunately, estrangement can happen for various reasons. 

Grandparent mediation, a service offered by Adelaide Family Mediation, is a process designed to foster communication and agreement between grandparents and the children's parent(s), encompassing matters such as visitation, education, holidays, and living arrangements.

How Adelaide Family Mediation Can Help with Grandparent Mediation:

At Adelaide Family Mediation, we specialise in assisting all parties involved in exploring these complex issues to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Much like standard mediation, the process begins with an Intake and Assessment session, during which you'll discuss matters with a mediator from Adelaide Family Mediation. The mediator will take notes, explain the mediation process, and clarify your desired outcomes.

Once it's determined that mediation is a suitable path forward, we will extend an invitation to the grandchildren's parent(s) to participate in mediation. If they accept, they, too, will undergo an Intake and Assessment session. Once both parties have completed these individual sessions, we'll schedule your joint mediation session.


In cases where mediation is deemed unsuitable, cannot proceed, or an agreement cannot be reached, Adelaide Family Mediation will provide a Section 60i certificate, enabling you to seek resolution through the court system. The court will take into consideration your relationship with the children and their best interests, ultimately determining whether you can establish contact with your grandchildren and, if so, what form that contact should take.

Count on Adelaide Family Mediation, a leader in Grandparent Mediation, to facilitate this sensitive process professionally.

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