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Adelaide Family Mediation brings new hope to the 100,000 Australians divorcing each year.
Divorce impacts the lives of everyone involved, with half of all divorces involving children. Adelaide Family Mediation provides an alternative for separating couples. Legal fees are costly, with couples expected to pay upwards of $50,000, spending years in litigation or being forced to rely on the strained Family Relationship Centres that have drawn out waiting lists. 

Adelaide Family Mediation equips separating couple with the skills to navigate parenting and property arrangements with their ex-partner in a way that leads to successful outcomes for them and their children. We ensure that all parties have the skills and information they need to navigate their way through separation, in a fair, confidential, unbiased, and directed manner. 

Temara Willis, Principle Mediator of Adelaide Family Mediation, knows first hand what the couples are experiencing. So, after spending years mediating and negotiating in the corporate sector, she transitioned to Family Dispute Resolution to help others from facing litigation. ‘No one wants to feel like a fool or spend years and thousands of dollars dealing with lawyers, so, at Adelaide Family Mediation we help facilitate a mutual agreement in a timely and cost-effective manner.’ 
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