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Child Inclusive Mediation, offered by Adelaide Family Mediation, provides a supportive and non-adversarial platform for your child to express their thoughts and feelings following your parental separation. This process is pivotal in collaboratively developing the most suitable parenting plan tailored to your unique circumstances.


Understanding Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation, also known as Child Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution, occurs when both parents believe their child would benefit from having their voice heard through a mediator, and mutual agreement on its appropriateness is reached.


The Child Inclusive Mediation Process at Adelaide Family Mediation

The Child Inclusive Mediation process at Adelaide Family Mediation involves a session for you, your ex-partner, and your children. Here's how it typically unfolds:

Individual Meetings: Your mediator at Adelaide Family Mediation will meet separately with you and your ex-partner in one-on-one sessions. These sessions provide you with the opportunity to discuss the separation, your children, your concerns, and, importantly, your perspective on what is in the best interests of your children. The mediator maintains a focus on the children's well-being while also gathering essential background information.

Meeting with Children: Following the meetings with the parents, the mediator will invite your children to meet with them. This session does not require your children to take sides or speak negatively about either parent. Instead, it offers the mediator an opportunity to spend time with your children, gaining a better understanding of the family's dynamics and collecting additional information to craft the most effective plan possible.

Criteria for Child Inclusive Mediation at Adelaide Family Mediation


For Child Inclusive Mediation at Adelaide Family Mediation, children must meet certain criteria:

  • They should be at least eleven years old.

  • They should not have been exposed to domestic violence.

  • They should be willing to participate in the mediation process.


These criteria are in place to ensure that the child's participation is voluntary and that the mediation process remains positive and constructive. While our mediators hold qualifications in Child Inclusive Mediation, counselling, family mediation, and community services, they don't primarily work with children. Nonetheless, we ensure that children feel empowered to express their feelings and desires regarding the family's future.


Joint Mediation Session


Once the individual meetings and the children's session have concluded, Adelaide Family Mediation will facilitate a joint mediation session with only the parents in attendance. During this session, we will discuss the child's perspective and voice from a positive and educational standpoint. You will gain insight into your children's wishes, and we will offer our opinion on how these desires could be integrated into your family's dynamics.


It's important to note that, as parents, you hold the ultimate decision-making authority. While we value the child's perspective, we recognise that sometimes what a child thinks they want may not be the most appropriate or feasible solution. In such cases, we will engage in a constructive discussion with you to arrive at the best possible outcome for your family.


Adelaide Family Mediation is committed to facilitating Child Inclusive Mediation in a professional, empathetic, and collaborative manner, ensuring the well-being of your children remains the top priority.

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