Temara Willis

Principal Mediator 

Temara has completed a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution with the Institute of Social Relations, and she holds a Masters Degree (HRM) from the University of South Australia, as well as several qualifications in Community Services.


Experiencing divorce first hand has given her the insight one needs to understand and guide discussions to assist separating couples in a safe and supported manner. Temara and her husband divorced In 2009, and the process was overwhelming, costly and grim. She knew there had to be a better way, so after years of working as a corporate negotiator and mediator she decided to redirect her focus to help families navigate their way through the stresses and pitfalls of separation, so they are better prepared to deal with the experience, and reduce expensive costs and lengthy court processes. 


“I wanted to help spare separating couples some of the painful experiences that I had to endure with expensive lawyers and lengthy litigation, and to ease the process for them”, Temara states. “Having developed my skills as a negotiator during 20 years in business, I set my sights on a new direction. So, with my desire to make a real difference I completed my Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution with the Institute of Social Relations”. 


“My personal experience, together with my advanced mediation training enables me to create faster results to problem solving, with greater understanding of the issues, than traditional litigation. I encourage independent thinking, rather than creating dependence, and this empowers my clients. Through mediation, I guide you away from arguing and litigation that only causes intense resentment and emotional damage to all involved, and towards a faster, less expensive resolution”.

Bree Czulowski

Office Manager

Bree Czulowski joined our team in June, 2018 as Executive Assistant.  Bree has a varied background in transport and logistics, project management and administration. She finds mediation interesting and is looking forward to helping Temara bring out the best in her clients. She sees it as similar to some of her project management work in that the Adelaide Mediation schedule is like a complex project.


She primarily handles Intake and Assessments, session set-up details, the administrative duties related to family and workplace mediation, receptionist duties in the office, and various other administrative tasks. She is the friendly voice that will most likely greet you when you call the offices.


33 Pirie Street, Adelaide 

0410 928 191

0408 498 992