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Family mediation, the modern approach to managing family disputes.

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Moving forward after separation and divorce is a big step and doesn't occur if there is still disorder or conflict hanging over your head. We all know that divorce and separation can be messy. And if you're parents, then the whole process can be even more complicated. Adelaide Family Mediation provides a confidential process where a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner who is a neutral third party helps you reach acceptable solutions when experiencing a difference of opinion post-separation. This can occur at any stage, straight after separation or many years later when needing to make big decisions regarding the care of the children. The decision to attend mediation is primarily voluntary. It shows maturity, a commitment to resolving your differences, a proactive desire to resolve issues as they happen by people who need a little more support to get there.

Family mediation is known to help people reach an agreement, both parenting and financial, without the cost and emotional burden of the court process. And isn't it better to communicate each others' needs and wants in a less tense environment?

You don't have to be scared about whether your needs and wishes will be respected. The mediator will ask both parties, even before the mediation, of their respective interests and how each person wants to move forward. The mediator will work with each party to listen and consider the other person's needs and wants to help you find a middle ground. The mediation will help you in making decisions that are not rushed but seriously thought over.

Family mediation helps the parents to think clearly about the children's well-being. Even if you are going through a lot emotionally, you still have to consider your children's needs. As parents, you can't just let your children be in the unresolved pile of separation mess. If you don't sit down together to work out a plan for your children or finances, there could be ongoing issues and consequences in the future.

Your child's social, emotional, and educational well-being is at stake. This period is very scary for the children. The anxiety of being away from and not seeing their parents together can be traumatising. Adelaide Family Mediation assists you to make a parenting plan. Adelaide Family Mediation helps parents form healthy communication to maintain relationships that might be impossible in a court setting. Family mediation is efficient and cost-effective, depreciating legal fees while implementing a mutually convenient program of mediation sessions.

We listen to both sides and alleviate the anger and hurt. We provide a neutral place for both sides to meet, developing an agreement with clear ground rules regarding the interactions and rules for respectful communication.

After all, you are there to reach an agreement that benefits your whole family. Whether it is the distribution of assets or the care of children, you want the best for all family members.

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