What happens after mediation?

Once you have reached an agreement, you are not required to do anything else. However, there are a few common scenarios to keep in mind, which may apply to you now or in the future. 


You are happy with the Parenting Agreement, but you want it formalised by way of Consent Order:

In this case, you will need to apply to the Family Court. You can apply with forms found on the Family Court of Australia website. Click the link below to access the DIY kit. You will need to attach a copy of your Parenting Agreement developed by Adelaide Family Mediation.

If the Parenting Agreement is not working out:


You may always return to mediation to address any issues with the Parenting Agreement. Contact us.


One party is not following the Parenting Agreement:


If someone is not fulfilling their side of a formal Parenting Plan after FDR mediation, you may want to apply to the Family Court for a Court Order. Find out more on the Family Court of Australia website.


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