Adelaide Family Mediation understands that the burden of separation or divorce is already stressful enough and the thought of paying fees on top of that is frustrating. While some not for profit organisations will offer means tested fees, they usually have a long waiting lists and allocate a certain amount of time per client. Other mediation services will charge a fixed fee per hour, but that might be more expensive than you need or can afford.  

Adelaide Family Mediation offers the best of both worlds. We determine session fees according to your individual household income (means tested). You and your ex-partner will be means tested individually.

We are upfront about our fees and will tell you exactly how much you will need to pay before we start.  We ask for payment before your session and there are no further charges or hidden costs. Payments can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

Cancellation fees of 60% will be charged to the person cancelling the session if cancellations are made within 72 hours of the appointment, or 100% if cancelled on the day.

Service Fees

Individual Intake and Assessment Sessions

Individual Income                                                         Per person per session    


Concession and less than $50,000                         $70.00

$50,001 - $65,000                                                   $80.00

$65,001 - $80,000                                                   $90.00

$80,001 - $100,000                                                 $100.00

$100,001 or more                                                        $120.00

Family Dispute Mediation Fees

Individual Income                                                         Per person per session 

Concession and less than $50,000                         $120.00

$50,001 - $65,000                                                   $160.00

$65,001 - $80,000                                                   $180.00

$80,001 - $100,000                                                $220.00

$100,001 or more                                                       $240.00

We ask for payment before each session by bank transfer, EFTPOS or in cash, so that you don't receive a bill at the end.

Parenting plan documentation fee $150.00 per parent. ​Property settlement document fee $200.00 per person.

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